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DiscountWager Gambler's Insurance

DiscountWager sets itself apart from the competition by not only giving you a bonus when you send money, but by giving you a bonus
if you happen to lose. No other World Class Sportsbook gives you so much for just playing.


With an initial deposit, or a subsequent deposit, of $500 or more, you qualify for our Gambler’s Insurance Program.


$500 Free Play equal to 15% of your net losses back 2x a year

The Periods

.The first Net Loss Bonus is given shortly after the Super Bowl.
.The second bonus is given on August 1.


10 weeks of action in the specific Net Loss Bonus period.

A week of action is defined as a minimum of one bet in a particular week.

If your initial deposit didn’t qualify for Gambler’s Insurance just deposit $500+ at anytime and you’re entered into the program for life.
When you deposit $500 or more your return on your Gambler’s Insurance goes up to 15% twice a year.